Cantaré, Latin American Music


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Evaluna by CANTARE and Friends - Latin American Music


Released 2005
Cantaré Music
Released 2005
Cantaré Music
Latin American folk music performed by women. Warm, pleasant melodies and rich harmonies that will reach your emotions and make you dance at the same time.
Recognized as one of the most versatile Latin American groups performing in Washington, DC, the women of Cantaré and Friends --Cecilia Esquivel (Argentina), Patricia Vergara (Brasil), Diana Sáez and Marvette Pérez (Puerto Rico) - are brilliant musicians who make the folk music of Latin America come alive with haunting melodies and rich harmonies. From Bossa nova to candombe, Nueva Trova to Son, this group interprets a variety of genres using indigenous and traditional Latin American instruments.

Cantaré was recognized in 2004 by the Washington Area Music Association with a WAMMIE award (Best Latin vocalist - Cecilia Esquivel) and two WAMMIE nominations (Best children's group and Best Latin group).

..."a brilliant tribute to Latin American music"... "highly talented women who sing and collectively play piano, accordion, guitar and a dazzling variety of wind and percussion instruments"... "amid the musical assertions of ethnic identity and pride, there is a strong sense of unity"
Joseph McLellan, , October 26, 2004; The Washington Post